About 5 Oaks Studio

What’s In A Name?

The naming of 5 Oaks Studio was a natural as I have for many years called my home 5 Oaks. Five great Oaks, each standing over 75 feet, live in the back yard. They are close to 100 years old. These five great oaks were here well before me and here well before my home was built in their midst. I am mindful of my sharing life with these trees. I am perhaps a steward of the trees. That calls me to a responsibility to them to keep their environment as alive as they are so that they may thrive. The trees do a wondrous thing for their environment in refreshing the air, providing me shade in the summer months, nourishment back to the ground in the fall, and are literal homes for squirrels, birds, lizards, and countless insects. These trees are an integral part of my life both when I am home and away. They are life giving and life calling. The art of jewelry creation is equally life giving and life calling. 5 Oaks Studio is therefore an appropriate name. Come on in…enjoy the beauty!

About The Artist

Kelly Noonan is an independent artist in jewelry. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from what was then North Texas State University now known as The University of North Texas. Her degree focused in Crafts with a concentration in Jewelry Making and Metalworking. Her first position was apprenticing under Cynthia Thomas, a master goldsmith, from California. As a goldsmith her most notable work was on custom gold and diamond jewelry with expertise in casting and finishing. Kelly practiced jewelry making for the first 10 years of work life. After which she pursued higher education receiving an MBA in Marketing and a Master of Science in Marketing Research from The University of Texas at Arlington. After 10 years of corporate work she has returned to her passion, creating works of art.

Kelly’s “Artist Statement”

I want to develop jewelry that will make a statement through the use of symbols, basic imagery, or impactful design elements. My designs are visually uncomplicated, emphasizing the primary beauty of the metal and or stones, and they need to feel as good as they look. Jewelry has for the breadth of human history been an outward expression of inner being. My hope is that others find in the designs something that can help them express themselves. In the first installation of the series, The Elements, I wanted to utilize a pictorial language that expresses a deep appreciation and respect for the foundation of creation, earth, fire, water, and air. Nature cannot be improved upon, but I can capture a sense of the astonishing beauty and grandeur. The designs are a statement that I am in love with the natural world. The pieces are a snapshot of the subject taking the images to a refined and sometimes stylized conclusion the metal silver and often only that one metal is my attempt to focus on the essence of the image rather than all that the eye can see, to perhaps remove some of the visual diversions. The overarching pattern is imagery found in nature. Nature’s ability to produce amazing patterns is a big appeal to me, and many of my pieces will reflect a repeated form. I have always been drawn in by repetition and use of aesthetic variations of a repeated pattern. I find a sense of calm in these patterns. The scalloped surface of windblown sand, the stunning geometry of a honeycomb, the visually melodic beat of flora, or the eternal layering of earth in a cliff face, provide me the visual imagery and inspiration to design pieces that reflect that calming repetition. I want to make Jewelry that is a reflection of who I am. My work is meant to reflect a respect for our earth and her progeny, a prayer for our natural world, and a meditation of the elemental. I am pleased with a piece when it conveys my inner vision effectively reflecting the feeling I wish to impart. What I like best about what I do is that I can represent my respect and fascination (some may say obsession) for something through art that so many can share in a public way. Jewelry is a public statement. Some of my work is cast. Before a piece is metal I carve it in hard wax, it is firm but forgiving. Like sculpting in stone I mostly remove the carving wax form the base form. That is the firm part. The forgiving part is that unlike a stone carver I can build up part of my image by applying hot wax strategically to places then carve wax from that addition. My favorite tool right now is a scraper. I quite literally made this out of a large nail that I flattened on the pointed end, shaped, and finished so that I can remove controlled slivers of wax. That way the final shape takes form slowly. Acquiring the final form is something of a working meditation to me, very contemplative, and fully engaging. I love the focus required for hours, the intensity is mesmerizing. Other pieces I make directly in the metal through a fabrication process. This is where so many of my hand tools come in like hammers, files, punches, and soldering. This hands on approach is gratifying due to the immediacy of the process. I know when the piece is moving in the right direction because it’s in my hand, I’m moving it. It’s deeply rewarding to work on a piece until it is done, which is, as I see it in my mind’s eye.

Special Thanks

I’d like to express my thanks to William Carlisle for helping me learn my web design software and construct this website.  Billy has an amazing talent with computers and is able to help people like us make better sense of them.  Please visit his website at www.ourcomputertutor.org — he can help you do more with your technology, too! A very talented woman I’d like to thank is Pam Brocato.  She has a gift for graphic design and I am grateful for her work on my logo and other graphic elements of this business.  Pam is available for many design and development needs.  Vist her website at www.pambrocato.com. Thanks also to the gifted David Mehl for sharing his amazing talent in the video arts.  He has great ideas, great passion and the skill to match.  His business is Affinity Pictures, LLC; visit his website at www.affinitypictures.net to see his outstanding portfolio. Finally, I’d like to thank my partner Rachael Sandifer for her patience and understanding.  She graciously offered up a room in our home for my studio so that I could work in a climate controlled environment and has not complained at all about all the casting and finishing equipment in our garage.  We both look forward to the day when I can build a fabulous studio (its footprint is already marked out, and sketches drawn) in our back yard under our 5 majestic oaks.
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