Radiance Series

One-of-a-Kind Wearable Sculpture


This is the first piece I’ve completed in a new series of one of a kind jewelry designed to make a bold statement. The series “Radiance” is focused on highlighting, quite literally, the striking allure and beauty of stones that have some degree of translucency. Radiance because the design and display stand allow the stones to glow with the luscious color nature bestowed on these amazing objects. Some stones are near transparent like the pale blue of a topaz, or the deep rich crimson color of a garnet. Other stones are less transparent but still emit an alluring glow of natural color as light passes through them like the scarlet radiance of a carnelian or perhaps the mesmerizing intricate pattern of lace agate. I collect center stones around which I build a design. These stones, well, in a way call to me to transform them into a new beginning. I’ve spent hours culling through thousands of rough stones in search of those that are ready for transformation into a one of a kind sculptural jewelry piece. Typically I cut and polish these stones to my unique vision. The Radiance series is complex in that all the centerpiece stones are one of a kind, often cut and polished in a way not typically found. I design a piece of jewelry around the stone in order to highlight how light enlivens a translucent stone. These pieces are designed with a stand to display them so that the light can work its magic. Set on a window seal or before a lamp these pieces come alive. The jewelry and the stand combine to form a small sculpture to be seen and enjoyed daily, not hidden away in a jewelry box. Wearable sculpture or sculptural jewelry, either way the result is a truly unique statement to display in your home or on your person. As an artist I am inspired by so many things around me. Sometimes it is a beautiful stone around which I feel compelled to design a piece. Other times it is a topic or a texture. These are one-of-a-kind pieces designed and hand crafted to reflect a unique perspective. They might be pendants, bracelets, or any of the myriad of other articles of jewelry. These items will be available for purchase as they are finished.  Please contact us via email at kelly@5oaksstudio.com if you are interested in one of these pieces.
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