Caribbean Sea

One-of-a-Kind Wearable Sculpture

This unique piece is selling for $2,200


This slab of Peruvian blue opal struck me immediately glowing turquoise from the vat of water in which it rested. When I plucked it from the water and held it to the light the stone radiated translucent blue with outer edges undulating like waves of the sea, and tan inclusions like sand churned up at the shoreline. I had been in that water before, surrounded by the amazing clear turquoise blue of the waters off Isla Cozumel, Mexico. The need to create a one of a kind piece of jewelry around this stunning stone washed over me like the cool Caribbean waters. I only polished the larger flat surfaces to clarify the beautiful color and left the outer edges just as they were expressive and alive with motion. The entire piece became an homage to the ocean beginning with the central opal the color of turquoise Caribbean waters with undulating edges like ocean waves. It is held in place with prongs covered with silver granulation like sea foam on the waters surface. An Argentium sterling silver frame cast into cuttlebone to impart its unique pattern like the ripples of water sculpted sand. The small piece of abalone shell seemed to fit the presence of a mollusks on the sea floor. The theme is carried through to the handmade chain designed to have the feel of an anchor chain complete with an ancient Greek inspired anchor clasp. This Argentium sterling silver frame encircles a natural blue Perovian opal accented with an abalone shell disk and measures 1 1/2 inches high by 3 1/4 inches wide and hangs at 22 inches.
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Caribbean Sea

A process photo during work on the piece. Photo is of the stones layed on top of the drawing.